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What to say about RED FAIRYTALE GIN? In this recipe we were aiming to make Gin which has strong taste and aroma to be close to Classic Gin recipe, but as we always do, to also add our signature moving it to exciting Contemporary Style Gin. Juniper berries, coriander, angelica root, cardamom and fennel are mixed in a bit less usual ratios, some spiciness from green pepper, kind of vintage feel from cinnamon and as in all our Gin recipes here we have two secret ingredients. The first one will punch you in taste right from the start, making RED FAIRYTALE GIN sparkling taste sensation. While the second secret ingredients will wait for you almost at the end of taste like shimmering fairytale with kind of bitter-sweet aftertaste. Passionate red colour of our RED FIRYTALE GIN comes together with passionate, almost punchy taste with fireworks of rich aroma. Be a part of our fairytale enjoy our RED FAIRYTALE GIN.

price : 29,00 €

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