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Our DRY HILL BERRY GIN is our ode and admiration to London Dry Gin recipe, but it is also our deconstruction of it, where we have added few herbs and spices not usual in it moving our DRY HILL BERRY GIN to more contemporary style gin. We wanted to make perfect mixture  and harmony of those two styles together. When you taste it, it almost starts like well-known London Dry Gin taste, but very soon you feel warmth and spiciness of black and red pepper joined with clove and towards the end rosemary and sage takes over like gentle floral melody. As in all our gin recipes, DRY HILL BERRY GIN also has couple secret ingredients which added joy and excitement in final taste. We are glad to know that eminent judges of World Gin Awards 2022 have recognised our DRY HILL BERRY GIN and its unique taste and decided to give us World Gin Awards Gold Medal in Contemporary gin category, together with Best Croatian Contemporary Gin title. We invite you to share DRY HILL BERRY GIN unique taste with us.

price : 35,00 €

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