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We love sea, we love to sail. We love STRONG experiences; we love to live full life. This is all incorporated in our BLUE MARINER GIN recipe. Our BLUE MARINER GIN is strong NAVY STYLE GIN with 57% ABV. But our BLUE MARINER GIN is not only strong, it is also full of taste and rich aroma. We like to say that our BLUE MARINER GIN is Contemporary Navy Style Gin. Our master distiller’s art of craft has produced very high ABV Gin, but with incredible rich aroma and taste. BLUE MARINER GIN has 19 different carefully selected finest herbs, spices and ingredients including at least four secret ingredients, you would never think they would be part of GIN taste. Unique taste and distilling art quality was recognized from international judges at WORLD GIN AWARDS 2022 competition giving BLUE MARINER GIN GOLD MEDAL and BEST CROATIAN NAVY GIN Award. You have never seen GIN with deep blue sea colour, you have never tasted high ABV Gin with that much aroma and that strong taste. We invite you to love full life with us, we invite you to enjoy BLUE MARINER GIN with us. Cheers!

price : 40,00 €

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